Transportation Planning

LTADD provides transportation planning support for activities associated with the Statewide Transportation Planning Program. The transportation planning process in the Lincoln Trail  area is done though two groups.

For more information, please contact either Bo Martin (Regional Transportation Planner) or Mike Skaggs (MPO Transportation Planner) at 270-769-2393.

For additional information regarding Regional Transportation see below.  For information regarding the MPO please visit their website @

Through a partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), the Lincoln Trail Area Development District (LTADD) provides planning support for activities associated with the Statewide Transportation Planning Program. LTADD is responsible for the coordination of public input, analysis of data, identification and evaluation of transportation needs in the region, and the subsequent evaluation and prioritization/ranking of needs in the KYTC CHAF (Continuous Highway Analysis Framework) Database for possible inclusion in the KYTC Highway Plan. The statewide planning process involves local governments, the general public, and the LTADD Regional Transportation Committee.
The LTADD Regional Transportation Planner works with the KYTC Highway District Office 4 in Elizabethtown for the counties of Breckinridge, Grayson, Larue, Marion, Nelson, and Washington.
Transportation planning focuses on the development of an efficient, economical, and safe transportation system. Planners in the field strive to find and implement solutions to the problems of congestion, outdated or inadequate facilities, and unsafe transportation conditions.
The transportation planning process in the Kentucky has several key groups that are responsible for the development of the Statewide Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program:

  • 15 Area Development Districts (ADDs)
  • 9 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)
  • 12 Highway District Offices (HDOs)
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) Department of Highways

The Lincoln Trail ADD Regional Transportation & Highway Safety Committee and the Radcliff-Elizabethtown MPO are responsible for identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing transportation needs in Breckinridge, Grayson, Hardin, LaRue, Marion, Meade, Nelson, and Washington Counties.

Regional Transportation Asset Inventory

The purpose of the Regional Transportation Asset Inventory is to involve local leaders, public officials, and the general public in the transportation planning process. It is designed to develop a working relationship between local leaders, transportation officials and planners, and concerned citizens, with the goal of creating an open environment, allowing for open and informed public input, so those transportation plans receive local acceptance and support.

The elements collected can be used as a means of generating better input from local officials and citizens concerning transportation issues and projects.

Click here for June 2022 Asset Inventory

Committee Background

The Regional Transportation & Highway Safety Committee (RTC) plays a significant role in the prioritization process as new projects are developed and existing projects are evaluated and prioritized using criteria of regional significance. The committee is a forum to work together in solving regional transportation problems, act as an advocacy body on transportation issues, and provide input for the Statewide Transportation Plan and provide assistance to the ADD in the KYTC Annual Work Program.

The RTC meets on a regular basis to identify, evaluate, and prioritize transportation needs in the region. The committee membership includes representatives from local municipalities, counties, private citizens, civic organizations, economic development commissions, bicycle groups, public transit authority, and family resources.

Vision: The vision of the Committee consists of a safe, efficient, and diverse transportation system that fosters sustainable economic development, environmental protection, and social equity in the Lincoln Trail ADD region.

Mission: The Lincoln Trail RTC exists to identify, promote, and facilitate the completion of quality transportation projects and programs by analyzing appropriate data, evaluating current projects, and collaborating with stakeholders and decision-makers to improve the level of sustainability in the region.

Goals & Objectives


Committee Member’s Guide

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Transportation Safety Report – August 2010

For prior records please see Documents/Regional Transportation

Public Participation

Planning decisions are made with the goal of improving the quality of life of local citizens. Therefore, it is essential that those affected by these decisions take part in the planning process in some way. This effort can include everything from learning more about planning in Kentucky to ranking projects during a Prioritization and Ranking meeting. Regardless of the action taken, increased public involvement ensures decision-makers continue to strive towards the collective community vision that will shape your future.

Your input is very important. Please feel free to share any ideas, comments, or suggestions with us regarding the transportation system in the Lincoln Trail ADD region.

Public Involvement Plans

Documents for Public Review

  • Statewide Transportation Plan (STP)
    This is a federally required long-range planning document developed by the KYTC that establishes policy for the state and may contain a list of projects for each transportation mode. Federal requirements dictate a planning horizon of at least 20 years and a periodic update. The current document was completed in 2006.
  • Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
    This is a federally required four-year fiscally constrained planning document developed by the KTYC that contains a list of all federally funded transportation projects. All MPO Transportation Improvement Programs are included in this document. When an MPO creates a new TIP or modifies an existing one, the STIP is amended accordingly. It is updated every two years (in even numbered years) following the KY legislative session. The current document covered the period from FY 2007-2010.
  • Six-Year Highway Plan (SYP)
    This is a state legislation required short-range planning document developed by the KYTC that contains six years worth of highway projects. The first two years of projects are included in the state’s enacted biennial budget. It is expected that projects in the remaining four years would follow accordingly once funds become available.

2022 SHIFT Scored Projects with Boosts – FINAL

  • This is a Lincoln Trail Region list of transportation projects identified by the RTC.. It is maintained by the KYTC Division of Planning and is often modified by LTADD Transportation Staff to improve readability. This project list contains information from Project Identification Forms, including the project description, cost estimates, and current ranking.

Prioritization and Ranking Plan

KYTC’s SHIFT website

Every fiscal year, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet develops an annual work program to be completed by the Area Development Districts. This program defines the major activities that will support the Cabinet in its mission of providing “a safe, secure, and reliable highway system that ensures the efficient mobility of people and goods, thereby enhancing both the quality of life and economic vitality of the Commonwealth.”

FY 2022 Annual Work Program (PDF)

Transportation Planning Series

Environmental Justice

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