LTADD Office Closure to Public – Covid-19 Policies

By Alex Matan
LTADD Office Closed

The LTADD office is closed as of 4:30 pm, Friday March 20th.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, all staff are telecommuting.

You may reach us via email or phone @ 270-769-2393.

Please be assured that we will continue to stay abreast of what action and information develops at the local and regional level and will still continue to participate and provide input within the constraints and protocols from local and regional organizations. Our mission still holds to continue our work from home as effective and efficient as possible in these times. All staff will be equipped to perform their duties and supervisors will communicate and monitor their progress.

Anyone can contact our staff through the normal communication channels. Staff will be regularly checking voicemails and they can be reached by email. (Every staff email address is accessible on our website). Services to the senior citizens and waiver clients will be carried out under the guidelines and directions from DAIL and Medicare offices. We will continue to attend all conference calls with staff in Frankfort and Washington program staff as requested. We have planned and prepared to make sure no services are interrupted or be detrimental to our clients.

We will evaluate each week and review the situation. You will be informed of updates and changes on a regular basis as well.

We understand this is not the norm for us to serve our region but during this uncertainty and constantly changing environment, safety and health of staff and families is most critical.

These measures are for your safety and ours. We apologize for any inconvenience these policy changes may cause. We appreciate your cooperation and consideration.