Rep. Reed Named Legislative Champ



During the 36th Annual KY County Judge Executive Association (KCJEA) and KY
Magistrates & Commissioners Association (KMCA) Joint Summer Conference, the
Kentucky Area Development Districts (KADD) presented an inaugural award for
Legislative Champ. The legislators recognized included State Senator David Givens and
State Representatives Chris Fugate, Jason Petrie, and Brandon Reed.
The 2022 legislative session was a success for local governments and Area Development
Districts (ADDs). Funds are included in the budget to support infrastructure projects,
broadband, and site upgrades, along with the first increase in planning funds known as
Joint Funding Administration dollars since 1998 to assist ADDs in their work with local
communities. KADD awarded the Legislative Champ award to recognize general assembly
members who went above and beyond in the 2022 session to assist the Area Development
Districts with carrying out their mission and services.
“This is an incredible honor and I appreciate the recognition as I do the work of our area
development districts,” said Rep. Brandon Reed. “It was a privilege to work with
Representatives Petrie, Fugate, and other Caucus members and members of leadership to
get these funds where they can best serve our local communities. I especially appreciate
the opportunity to work with Lincoln Trail Area Development District Director Mike
Burress, who provided critical knowledge as we partnered together to make this a reality!
I know many have said this year’s budget is the best and most responsible in our state’s
history and that is a direct result of the fact we were able to meet our needs while still
putting money aside to prepare for future opportunities and challenges. This will continue
to serve as our philosophy as we monitor how this spending plan is administered and
prepare for the next budget cycle.”
Lincoln Trail ADD Executive Director, Mike Burress acknowledged “We are extremely
fortunate and grateful to have legislators like Representative Brandon Reed, whom
understand the essential and collaborative work the ADDs do in assisting local
governments and their constituents. Since taking office in 2017, Rep. Reed has been a
strong and dedicated advocate for the region and the work of the ADDs. As Vice-Chair of
the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee, Rep. Reed was the first legislator to
push for additional funding for the ADDs. His tireless efforts, in concert with those of
Senator Givens and Representatives Chris Fugate and Jason Petrie, ensured an additional
$2 million for ADDs in the budget.”

Representative Brandon Reed represents the 24th District of Green, Hart, and LaRue
counties. LaRue County is in the Lincoln Trail Area Development District region.

About LTADD. The Lincoln Trail Area Development District (LTADD) was created as
a non-profit corporation on March 23, 1968. The organization was designated as a
Kentucky public agency in 1972 through KRS 147A, the legislative action creating area
development districts. LTADD includes the eight west-central Kentucky counties of
Breckinridge, Grayson, Hardin, LaRue, Marion, Meade, Nelson and Washington. The
LTADD Board of Directors is comprised of elected officials from the counties and
communities within the District, as well as non-elected citizen members representing a
cross-section of the region’s social and economic institutions.

Press Release Date: June 24, 2022 –  Download HERE
Contact Information: Krista Levee