Redistricting & Senate Bill 171

By Mike Robinson

In normal times, per KRS 67.045, Counties would be preparing to appoint their commissioners in May and proceeding forward in the review of magisterial districts and any redraw of the boundaries as Constitutionally necessary in particular the application of the 14th Amendment.

Due to various events related to Covid, the Census has delayed the release of the Public Law 94-171 population counts necessary to perform these tasks until Sept 30th versus the historical March 31st date.

In response to these changes, the legislature passed Senate Bill 171 on March 11th.  Among many other components, it also addresses this specific concern.  It delays, for one year, the implementation of KRS 67.045.  Fiscal Courts therefore will begin the redistricting process in May of 2022.  Otherwise the process and subsequent timelines will remain the same.

For more information please see this letter from the Kentucky Magistrates & Commissioners Association.

Other information is available on our website in the “Document Downloads”  City & County Government section.  Contact Mr. Mike Robinson for any additional questions.