City of Muldraugh

Mayor:  Anthony Lee

202 Wendell Street

Muldraugh, KY 40155

Phone: 502-942-2824

Fax: 502-942-2892


Web site:

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm EST

City Council Meeting: 2nd Monday, 6:30pm EST

History: Muldraugh was named after Muldraugh Hill, a dominant ridge just east of the city which stretches from West Point in Hardin County, on the Ohio River; 75 miles southeasterly through Nelson and LaRue Counties to Calvalry in Marion County. The Muldraugh Post Office was established in 1874, and Muldraugh was incorporated in 1952. Muldraugh began as a small settlement between Louisville and Nashville; it grew in size after the Fort Knox Military Reservation was established in 1918. Population in 2020 was 1,040.

Muldraugh City Hall